40X / 41Cr4 / 1.7035

Apvalus strypai
nuo Ø20mm iki Ø500mm
Lakštinis plienas
storis nuo 3mm iki 140mm
Juostos ir kvadratai
plotis nuo 20mm iki 500mm
storis ≥60mm



Chromium toughening steel; weldable and easily machinable,



axles, crankshafts, gear wheels, levers, connecting rods, components of  bodies and tool grips, connecting elements, grinding wheels; after surface hardening for shafts, mandrels


Chemical composition [%]

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo W V Co Cu
0,36-0,45 0,5-0,9 0,17-0,37 max 0,035 max 0,035 0,8-1,2 max 0,3 max 0,1 max 0,2 max 0,05 max 0,25


PN W. nr EN AISI Russia (GOST) Other
40H 1.7035 41Cr4 5140 40Ch


welding NO
forging YES
rolling YES
nitriding YES
hardening YES temp. 820 – 870 [°C]
tempering YES temp. 500 – 670 [°C]


after toughening max 55 HRC
after softening 240 HB
Rm 980 MPa
Re 780 MPa