X12 / X210Cr12 / 1.2080

Apvalus strypai
nuo Ø41mm iki Ø550mm
Juostos ir kvadratai
plotis nuo 100mm iki 500mm



ledeburitic chromium cold work tool steel; with very small hardening deformations, very wear resistant, less resistant to strong impacts



drawing dies, broaching rings, blanking dies, taps, tools for shearing and cutting metal sheets, paper and plastic, extrusion dies and punches, tools for wood and stone working, rolls and rollers for cold rolling


Chemical composition [%]

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo W V Co Cu
1,8-2,1 0,15-0,45 0,15-0,4 max 0,03 max 0,03 11-13 max 0,35 max 0,2 max 0,2 max 0,15 max 0,35


PN W. nr EN AISI Russia (GOST) Other
NC11 1.2080 X210Cr12 ~D3 H12 K100 / Cr12


welding NO
forging YES
rolling YES
nitriding YES
hardening YES temp. 980 – 1000 [°C] oil
tempering YES temp. 220 – 520 [°C]


after toughening 62 HRC
after softening 255 HB