Lakštinis plienas Hardfield 400
storis nuo 8mm iki 60mm
Lakštinis plienas Hardfield 500
storis nuo 8mm iki 40mm


Wear resistant steel is a quenched steel with additions of alloying elements and its main feature is the high hardness specially used at high mechanical abrasion works.

In this class there are materials which have Brinell hardness in the range 370-550 and they also exhibit good weldability and bendability.

Wear resistant steels are used in dump trucks, hoppers, channel coatings, ore carriers, parts of blast furnaces and industrial fans, cement plants, iron and steel industry, mines etc.


Specification Grade Thickness
Range (mm)
Chemical Composition(% of weight)Ladle analysis Hardness
Heat Treatment
C Mn P S Cr Ti Nb B
HARDFIELD 400 6.00 – 50.80 0,19 max 1,40 max 0,025max 0,010 max 0,40 max 0,050 max 0,060 max 0,005 max 370 – 430 Quenched, stress relieved
Ceq: C+Mn/6 + (Cr+Mo+V)/5 + (Ni+Cu)/15(typical values)
Grade Thickness (mm) Ceq (%)
400 t ≤ 19,00 0,38
t > 19,00 0,44
Mechanical Properties(Typical values for 20 mm plate thickness)
Yield strengthRe, MPa Tensile strengthRm, MPa ElongationA5
900 1000 10
Impact PropertiesCharpy V-notch test according to ASTM-A370
Test temperature°C Impact energyCharpy-V, J
-40 15

Testing Brinell hardness, HBW according to ASTM-A370, on a milled surface 1,8 mm below the surface due to the superficial decarburization inherent to the heating process before quenching.

Delivery conditions Quenched and tempered.

Dimensions HARDFIELD 400® is supplied in thickness of 6 – 50.8 mm, width of 2000 mm delivered as cut-to-length in a rolled surface condition with cut edges as standard.

Dimensional tolerances The nominal thickness will not deviate more than –0,50 / +0,90 mm.

Ultrasonic testing The plates are ultrasonic tested according to ASTM A578.

Non metallic inclusions Non metallic inclusions are tested according to ASTM-E45

Melting process Blast furnace + LD – Converter + Ladle furnace and RH – Vacuum degassing.

Theoretical weight 7,85 Kg/dm3