40X / 41Cr4 / 1.7035

Apvalus strypai
nuo Ø20mm iki Ø500mm
Lakštinis plienas
storis nuo 3mm iki 140mm
Juostos ir kvadratai
plotis nuo 20mm iki 500mm
storis ≥60mm



Chromium toughening steel; weldable and easily machinable,



axles, crankshafts, gear wheels, levers, connecting rods, components of  bodies and tool grips, connecting elements, grinding wheels; after surface hardening for shafts, mandrels


Chemical composition [%]

C Mn Si P S Cr Ni Mo W V Co Cu
0,36-0,45 0,5-0,9 0,17-0,37 max 0,035 max 0,035 0,8-1,2 max 0,3 max 0,1 max 0,2 max 0,05 - max 0,25


PN W. nr EN AISI Russia (GOST) Other
40H 1.7035 41Cr4 5140 40Ch -


welding NO
forging YES
rolling YES
nitriding YES
hardening YES temp. 820 – 870 [°C]
tempering YES temp. 500 – 670 [°C]


after toughening max 55 HRC
after softening 240 HB
Rm 980 MPa
Re 780 MPa